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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

BMPS and Guidance Documents

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Air Quality
ARD-05-1 Guidance and Procedure for Performing Air Quality Impact Modeling in NH  
ARD-13-01 Procedures and Minimum Requirements for Stack Tests  
ARD-13-02 Summary of Federal and State Regulations Controlling Air Emissions from Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Boilers  
Waste Management
WMD-00-1 Guidance for Managing Asbestos Disposal Sites  
No Code # Composting at NH Schools: A How-to Guide  
WMD-04-1 Guidelines for Organizing a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Event in Your Community  
  Soil Excavation and Disposal Specifications  
WMD-06-1 Vapor Intrusion Guidance  
WMD-07-4 NH Green Yards Environmental Guidance Manual for Motor Vehicle Recycling Yards  
WMD-09-1 Motor Vehicle Salvage Yard Environmental Compliance Manual & Self-Audit Checklist  
WMD-13-01 Best Management Practices for Solid Waste Operators  
No Code # BMPs for the Installation and Upgrading of On-Premise-Use Heating Oil Tanks  
No Code # The Dirty Dozen: 12 Pollution Prevention Tips for Motor Vehicle Recyclers  
No Code # Best Management Options for Certain Household Hazardous Wastes  
Water Quality – Groundwater
No Code Wellhead Protection Basics – Five Steps to Protect Your Source(s) of Water  
WRD-90-4 Well Yield – How Much Water is Enough?  
WD-99-2 A guide to Identifying Potentially favorable Areas to Protect Future Municipal Wells in Stratified Drift Aquifers – Vol. 1  
WD-99-3 A guide to Identifying Potentially favorable Areas to Protect Future Municipal Wells in Stratified Drift Aquifers – Vol. 2  
WD-00-8 Strategy to Reduce the Health Risks Associated with Contaminants in Private Water Supplies  
WD-03-33 A Field Guide for Pumping Test Operators (revised 2009)  
WD-04-7 The Applicant's Toolkit for Siting New Small Community Wells In New Hampshire  
WD-05-31 Groundwater Discharge Permitting Guidance Document for Recharging Aquifers with Reclaimed Wastewater (Revised July 2010)  
WD-06-41 Model Groundwater Protection Ordinance (revised September 2015)  
WD-06-47 Managing Groundwater Protection Areas: Guidance and Sample Letters  
WD-07-29 The NHDES Guide to Groundwater Protection.  
WD-08-6 FAQs Regarding Large Groundwater Withdrawal Permitting.  
WD-11-24 A Guide to Groundwater Reclassification (November 2011)  
WD-11-25 Energy Efficiency Planning, Funding and Improvements For NH Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems  
WD-15-1 Guidance to Refine the Potable Water Definition in NH Municipal Building Codes  
Water Quality – Lakes & Ponds
CO-06-2 Best Management Practices for NH Marinas  
WD-07-35 NH Volunteer Lake Assessment Program (VLAP) Monitors’ Field Manual  
WD-08-8 Jump Into Lake Management: The NH Guidelines for Coordinated Lake Management and Shoreland Protection Plans  
No Code # Special Topic: Advanced Monitoring Techniques-Stream Surveys & Stormwater Sampling  
No Code # Special Topic: Management Actions to Reduce Increasing Conductivity in NH Lakes & Ponds  
Water Quality – Rivers & Watersheds
R-CO-97-3 A Guide to River Corridor Management Plans  
WD-99-7 Nonpoint Source Management Plan  
No Code # Stream Maintenance Guide for Towns & Landowners  
WD-03-42 Best Management Practices to Control Nonpoint Source Pollution: A Guide for Citizens and Town Officials  
WD-06-34 A Field Guide to Common Riparian Plants of New Hampshire  
R-WD-06-37 Guidelines for Naturalized River Channel Design and Bank Stabilization  
No Code # VRAP Water Quality Monitoring Field Sampling Protocols for Volunteer Monitors  
No Code # Interpreting VRAP Water Quality Parameters  
No Code # New Hampshire Stream Crossing Guidelines  
WD-11-3 Methods for Estimating Instream Flow Requirements for Protection of Aquatic Life  
WD-11-13 Chloride Reduction Implementation Plan For Dinsmore Brook Watershed, Windham, NH  
WD-17-01 A Guide to River Nominations  
Water Quality – Stormwater
R-WD-01-13 Managing Stormwater as a Valuable Resource  
WD-04-9 Evaluation of Sediment Quality  
WD-08-19 Innovative Land Use Planning Techniques Handbook  
WD-08-20A NH Stormwater Management Manual Volume 1: Stormwater and Antidegradation (18.3 MB)  
WD-08-20B NH Stormwater Management Manual Volume 2: Post-Construction Best Management Practices Selection and Design (43.9 MB)  
WD-08-20C NH Stormwater Management Manual Volume 3: Erosion and Sediment Controls During Construction (18.4 MB)  
WD-10-11 Guidance for Estimating Pre- and Post-Development Stormwater Pollutant Loads  
WD-11-11 NH Homeowner’s Guide to Stormwater Management (15MB)  
WD-11-12 NH Residential Loading ModelMicrosoft Excel Symbol  
Miscellaneous Water Issues
No Code # Soil Manual for Site Evaluations in NH $15.00/$5.00
No Code # State of New Hampshire Coastal Oil Spill Prevention and Response Plan.  
No Code # BMPs for Routine Roadway Maintenance Activities in NH (August 2001)  
No Code # On-Site Wastewater Disposal System Installation Manual  
WD-03-35 Guidelines to the Regulatory Requirements for Dam Removal Projects in New Hampshire  
WD-06-40 Enforcement of NHDES Water Supply Watershed Rules Part Env-Ws 386 Guidance For Local Officials  
No Code # What’s Our Water Worth?  
WD-08-14 Community Public Water System Emergency Plan Guide 2008Microsoft Word Symbol  
WD-19-5 Rock Blasting and Water Quality Measures That Can Be Taken To Protect Water Quality and Mitigate Impacts  
CO-17-01 Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Guidance for Food Service Establishments  
CO-17-02 Wastewater Best Management Practices for Breweries  
CO-13-01 A Handbook for Golf Course Managers  
WD-16-04 Guidance for Assessing and Managing Sediment Behind Dams/Barriers  
CO-14-01 Green Business Handbook (Second Edition)  
R-CO-01-5 NH Sample Collection & Preservation Manual for Drinking Water  
WD-06-35 The Inside Scoop: How to Conduct a Pet Waste Outreach Campaign  
CO-07-5 Planning for Profits … A Guide to Pollution Prevention for New Hampshire Businesses  
CO-07-7 NH Clandestine Chemical Lab Cleanup Guidance  
No Code # Making Your Business Greener Workbook (2008 Edition)  



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