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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

NHDES PLEDGE to help the environment!
I PLEDGE to help the Environment for the next year!
Below are some simple steps you can take to lessen your impact on the environment. Every positive action you take today helps to protect the environment and increases the amount of resources available to you and future generations.

checkbox The Clean Car Challenge.
I will sign the e-petition at to encourage auto makers to use less toxic materials and make vehicles more fuel efficient.
checkbox The Anti-Idling Campaign.
I will turn off my engine instead of idling to save fuel and to reduce air pollution. This web page,, shows in running, real-time the amount of unnecessary fuel consumed by idling diesel trucks.
checkbox Change-a-Light with a CFL.
I will replace one or more incandescent lights in my home with a compact fluorescent light bulb to save money and energy.
checkbox Private Drinking Water Well Test.
I will have my private well tested to ensure safe drinking water for my family.
checkbox Use Fewer Plastic Bags
I will use reusable bags for groceries, and use fewer new plastic bags.
checkbox Keep Cooking Oil and Grease Out of the Drain
I will not pour or wash cooking grease or oil down the drain, which clogs sewer lines and septic systems.
checkbox Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day.
I will replace at least one product containing hazardous ingredients with one environmentally-friendly household product.
checkbox Septic System Inspection.
I will have my septic system inspected and/or pumped out this year.
checkbox Plant a Tree
I will plant a native tree, which, in addition to being beautiful, takes carbon from the air, absorbs contaminants from the soil and groundwater, and helps to keep the environment cool.
checkbox Reuse, reduce, recycle
I will reuse, reduce, recycle, and buy recycled products.
checkbox Use Less Electricity
I will use less electricity to save energy.
checkbox Use Less Water
I will use less water to save valuable drinking water.
checkbox Use fewer gas-powered vehicles and tools

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