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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Examples of Chemical Classifications for Proper Chemical Disposal

In the process of providing assistance to schools under the New Hampshire Pollution Prevention in Schools Project, NHPPP has classified over 250 science laboratory chemicals for proper disposal. The list of examples below is provided for schools to recognize that chemical classification is one of the first steps taken in the disposal process. Changes in government regulations can effect a change in a chemical’s classification, which will subsequently effect the list below. Should your school be in need of disposing of laboratory chemicals, NHPPP is available to assist you.

NHPPP used a variety of technical resources to develop the chemical classifications listed below. Such resources included a review of the chemical classification under RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) and DOT (Department of Transportation), the pH of the compound, and the chemical’s properties of reactivity, flammability, and toxicity. A chemical’s incompatibilities were also noted.

Chemical Classification
Acetamide Corrosive solid acid
Alum-ammonium Corrosive solid
Ammonium bichromate Oxidizer solid
Ammonium molybdate Corrosive solid acid
Ammonium thiocyanate Poison solid
Barium acetate Poison solid
Boric acid Corrosive solid acid
Calomel Poison solid
Congo red Flammable liquid
Cupric bromide Corrosive solid
Ferric nitrate Oxidizer solid
Gastric juice Corrosive liquid
Lead acetate Poison solid
Magnesium sulfate Solid acid
Mercuric chloride Poison solid acid
Mercurous nitrate Oxidizer solid
Naphthalene flakes Flammable solid
Nessler’s Solution Corrosive liquid
Nickel sulfate Poison solid base
Phenol Flammable (poison) liquid
Potassium cyanide Poison liquid
Potassium oxalate Corrosive solid acid
Sodium ferrocyanide Poison solid
Sodium nitrate Oxidizer solid
Sodium tartrate Flammable solid
Sulfosalicylic acid Corrosive solid acid
Thiourea Poison solid
Thymol iodide Flammable solid
Uranyl acetate Radioactive
Zinc nitrate Oxidizer

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