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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

New Hampshire Dental Legislation

New Hampshire has enacted legislation on amalgam waste management, and dental patient information on restorative materials.

Amalgam Recycling: NH Hazardous Waste Rule Change
Effective October 13, 2001, [Env-hw 802.02(a)(7).] recycling requirements allows an exemption for mercury-containing dental amalgam generated by small quantity generators, provided the waste is being recycled.

House Bill 1251 Dental Patient Information and Amalgam Waste Management
House Bill 1251 requires dentists and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) develop and provide to patients comparative information on restorative dental materials, and requires NHDES to adopt rules for the management of mercury amalgam waste in an environmentally appropriate manner.

Dental Patient Information:
The NH Dental Board and DHHS will develop a pamphlet to be used by dentists. This pamphlet will show the risks and benefits of restorative materials, including mercury amalgam.

The dentist will provide the pamphlet to the patient, and discuss the choices of restorative dental materials prior to their use.

NHDES will provide the risks and benefits of dental restorative materials, including the use of amalgam in children under the age of 6 years, to all NH residents.

Amalgam Waste Management:
"RSA 485-A:4, XVIII required the Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) "to establish rules for dental offices relative to the use of environmentally appropriate disposal equipment or methods for amalgam waste to trap and dispose of mercury." With the assistance of the NH Dental Society and numerous stakeholders, NHDES developed rules that require dental practices to install an ISO 11143-approved amalgam separator by Oct. 1, 2005. Dentists will be required to certify installation of an ISO-approved unit that removes a minimum or 95 percent of all amalgam particles from their waste water. A list of approved amalgam separators Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol.

As mandated by RSA 485-A:4 , NHDES adopted Env-Wq 306 "Standards for Management of Mercury-Containing Amalgam." Env-Wq 306 applies to any dental practice where mercury-containing amalgam is applied, altered, maintained or removed from within the human oral cavity or where mercury-containing amalgam waste is otherwise generated. The rule requires the owner of a dental practice to install an ISO 11143-approved amalgam separator (or equivalent) and to properly manage the amalgam waste trapped by the separator. The rule also requires a dental practice owner to provide NHDES with a written self-certification form Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol of separator installation but allows for an exemption for oral specialists who do not generate amalgam wastes and includes a waiver process for special circumstances. Env-Wq 306 requires installation of an approved separator by October 1, 2005.



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