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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Legislative Activity at NHDES

Each year, the NH Department of Environmental Services tracks bills that relate to NHDES programs or that otherwise might affect the agency in the New Hampshire State Legislature.

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Current NHDES Testimony Letters - 2018

The following are letters of testimony presented by NHDES at legislative committee hearings in the current legislative session.

Bill # Title
HB 114 relative to minimum electric renewable portfolio standards [April 17, 2018]
HB 317 prohibiting the public utilities commission from increasing the system benefits charge without legislative approval [April 17, 2018]
HB485 an Act relative to standards for emerging contaminants in drinking water [April 3, 2018]
HB 559 ive to expenditures from the Energy Efficiency Fund [March 27, 2018]
HB1101 regulating groundwater pollution caused by polluting emissions in the air [January 23, 2018] [February 20, 2018] [April 3, 2018]
HB1104 relative to certain regulatory permits and forms and relative to time limits under RSA 541-A [January 23, 2018] [April 4, 2018]
HB1202 relative to town revolving funds for group net metering [January 23, 2018] [March 20, 2018]
HB1212 establishing a local option for commercial buildings with environmental liability that are delinquent on property taxes [January 23, 2018]
HB1226 relative to restricting the watering of lawns through the use of private wells [January 16, 2018]
HB1227 relative to an unattended idling vehicle on private property [January 23, 2018]
HB1230 establishing a commission to study the economic impact of national carbon pricing on New Hampshire [January 24, 2018]
HB1233 preempting local regulation of seeds and fertilizer [January 23, 2018] [April 24, 2018]
HB 1254 establishing a committee to study the procedures for adoption of national codes by New Hampshire [April 18, 2018]
HB1328 relative to motor vehicle inspections [January 10, 2018]
HB1338 establishing a committee to study the changes in law necessary to allow for microgrids in electricity supply [January 24, 2018]
HB1371 repealing certain exemptions from permitting requirements for temporary seasonal docks [January 16, 2018]
HB1472  relative to the state building code provisions for energy conservation in new building construction [January 11, 2018] [April 18, 2018]
HB1488 HB1488 establishing a committee to study the public utilities commission's role and scope of duties in a deregulated environment [March 26, 2018]
HB1507 relative to state inspection of new motor vehicles [January 30, 2018]
HB1515 relative to an exemption from the combustion ban on construction and demolition debris [January 23, 2018] [April 24, 2018]
HB1541  relative to registration and road toll fees for hybrid and electric vehicles [January 11, 2018]
HB1544 establishing a committee to identify the requirements needed to commit New Hampshire to a goal of 100 percent renewable energy for electricity by 2040 [January 24, 2018]
HB1550  requiring electric bills to include the cost of compliance with renewable energy standards [January 10, 2018]
HB1553 relative to removal of trees from state property [January 23, 2018]
HB1590 relative to standards for perfluorinated chemicals in surface water [January 11, 2018]
HB1592 requiring the commissioner of the department of environmental services to revise rules relative to arsenic contamination in drinking water [January 10, 2018] [February 21, 2018] [April 10, 2018]
HB1610 requiring sellers of real property to disclose certain information concerning environmental hazards [February 13, 2018]
HB1611 requiring sellers of real property to disclose certain information concerning environmental hazards [January 24, 2018]
HB1616 requiring legislative approval for regional planning commissions to accept money from governmental sources other than the state of New Hampshire or its political subdivisions [January 24, 2018]
HB1618 relative to ambient water quality standards and maximum contaminant levels for perfluorinated chemicals [January 11, 2018]
HB1647 relative to inclusion of energy storage in distributed energy resources for electricity transmission and distribution [January 16, 2018]
HB1689 repealing the repeal of the pollution prevention program of the department of environmental services [January 23, 2018] [April 10, 2018]
HB1701 making the Coakley Landfill Group subject to the provisions of RSA 91-a [January 25, 2018]
HB1708 requiring the state to remove standing deadwood trees and make an appropriation therefor [January 23, 2018]
HB1727 relative to monitoring perfluorinated chemicals in public water supplies [January 11, 2018]
HB1736 relative to increasing the threshold required for governor and council approval of expenditures from the dam maintenance fund [January 10, 2018] [April 3, 2018]
HB1737 relative to the permissible level of methyl tertiary butyl ether in drinking water [January 11, 2018}
HB1745 making appropriations for costs involved in controlling invasive aquatic species [January 11, 2018]
HB1763 establishing a road usage fee and making an appropriation therefor [January 16, 2018] [April 10, 2018]
HB1796 relative to the legislative oversight committee on electric utility restructuring [January 10, 2018] [March 26, 2018]
HB1810 establishing a commission to study the effectiveness of the current statutes related to management of non-tidal public water ways and the construction or placement of structures within them [January 23, 2018] [April 10, 2018]
SB119 relative to the length of a dock on a water body [January 18, 2018]
SB172 relative to non-menace dams [March 20, 2018]
SB240 relative to the monitoring and treatment of contaminated wells [March 20, 2018]
SB309 relative to standards for perfluorochemicals in drinking water, ambient groundwater, and surface water [January 23, 2018] [March 27, 2018]
SB321 relative to group host net energy metering [January 9, 2018] [March 20, 2018]
SB322 relative to access to a water utility [January 9, 2018]
SB330 requiring the department of environmental services to give certain persons time to cure violations before imposing a penalty [January 11, 2018]
SB367 relative to public utilities commission review of group host agreements [January 9, 2018] [March 20, 2018]
SB368 establishing an exemption from shoreland protection permitting requirements for maintenance and repairs of existing roads and for borings and test wells [January 9, 2018] [March 20, 2018]
SB410 establishing a registration fee for canoes and kayaks [January 10, 2018] [April 3, 2018]
SB445 Designating the Warner River as a protected river [January 16, 2018] [April 3, 2018]
SB446 relative to net energy metering limits for customer-generators [January 23, 2018] [March 28, 2018]
SB450 establishing an advisory commission for the department of environmental services relative to the delegation of authority of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Program [January 30, 2018] [March 27, 2018]
SB 453 relative to requirements and criteria for a competitive grant program for drinking water protection [April 26, 2018]
SB468 relative to fines and penalties collected by the department of environmental services [February 6, 2018] [March 20, 2018]
SB517 establishing an electric vehicle charging stations infrastructure commission [January 30, 2018] [March 27, 2018]
SB528 relative to dam registration fees and relative to permit fees for constructing or reconstructing a dam [January 23, 2018] [March 27, 2018]
SB529 authorizing river maintenance in the town of Warren [January 30, 2018] [March 27, 2018]
SB575 relative to electric vehicle charging stations [January 23, 2018] [March 27, 2018]
SB577 An Act requiring the public utilities commission to consider its order affecting the Burgess BioPower plant in Berlin, prohibiting the import of certain liquid fuels, and relative to the production of useful thermal energy [April 11, 2018]

Bills Tracked and Testimony Letters Presented in Past Sessions

Bills tracked and testimony letters presented by NHDES in past legislative sessions are available by year, on the webpages below.

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