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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Legislative Activity at NHDES

Each year, the NH Department of Environmental Services tracks bills that relate to NHDES programs or that otherwise might affect the agency in the New Hampshire State Legislature.

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Current NHDES Testimony Letters - 2020

The following are letters of testimony presented by NHDES at legislative committee hearings in the current legislative session.

Bill # Title
HB 1120 requiring periodic water tests of rental property [January 14, 2020]
HB 1126 relative to removal of trees from state property [February 4, 2020]
HB 1252 relative to large groundwater withdrawals from replacement wells [February 13, 2020]
HB 1301 establishing a committee to study applications of microgrids in electricity supply [February 5, 2020]
HB 1317 relative to funding for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects by residential, commercial and industrial ratepayers [January 28, 2020]
HB 1319 prohibiting the siting of new landfills or expansions of existing landfills near state parks, national parks, or USDA forest land [February 27, 2020]
HB 1347 addressing impacts to other water users from new sources of water for community water systems [February 13, 2020]
HB 1364 relative to payments to the public utilities commission in lieu of meeting renewable portfolio standards for biomass [February 4, 2020]
HB 1407 relative to adopting rules relative to departmental forms [January 22, 2020]
HB 1422 establishing a moratorium on the issuance of permits for new landfills or the expansion of existing landfills for the purpose of studying the creating of municipal waste districts [February 27, 2020]
HB 1425 requiring the removal of all containers containing PFAS compounds from public schools and hospitals [January 30, 2020]
HB 1496 relative to the regional greenhouse gas initiative cap and trade program for controlling carbon dioxide emissions [January 28, 2020]
HB 1537 relative to standards for perfluorochemicals in drinking water and ambient groundwater [February 4, 2020]
HB 1553 prohibiting the posting as of certain state properties as no trespassing areas [January 28, 2020]
HB 1569 requiring the department of environmental services to maintain a public registry of where certain fire suppressants have been used [January 21, 2020]
HB 1570 establishing an architectural paint program [February 18, 2020]
HB 1649 establishing a road usage fee and making an appropriation therefor [January 21, 2020]
HB 1701 relative to the recycling of single use plastics [February 12, 2020]
HB 1702 establishing a solid waste working group on solid waste management planning [February 18, 2020]
SB 428 relative to notifications to the rivers coordinator of state agency actions affecting rivers [January 21, 2020]
SB 462 relative to state energy management [January 28, 2020]
SB 517 relative to the public information and permitting functions of the office of the commissioner in the department of environmental services [January 22, 2020]
SB 544 relative to the filing of administrative rules by state agencies [February 5, 2020]
SB 589 allowing the commissioner of the department of environmental services to waive certain requirements for seasonal docks [January 21, 2020]
SB 591 establishing a statewide solid waste disposal reduction goal [February 4, 2020]
SB 627 establishing a dock registration procedure [January 21, 2020]
SB 628 relative to the authority of the department of environmental services for emergency action at hazardous dams [January 28, 2020]
SB 629 establishing the solid waste management fund and establishing a solid waste disposal surcharge [February 4, 2020]
SB 713 relative to the municipal winter maintenance certification program [January 28, 2020]
SB 728 establishing the coastal program administered by the department of environmental services [January 28, 2020]

Bills Tracked and Testimony Letters Presented in Past Sessions

Bills tracked and testimony letters presented by NHDES in past legislative sessions are available by year, on the webpages below.

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