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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Legislative Activity at NHDES

Each year, the NH Department of Environmental Services tracks bills that relate to NHDES programs or that otherwise might affect the agency in the New Hampshire State Legislature.

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Current NHDES Testimony Letters - 2017

The following are letters of testimony presented by NHDES at legislative committee hearings in the current legislative session.

Bill # Title
HB 77 relative to dam fees for nonprofit organizations [January 10, 2017]
HB 92 relative to revising the definition of the state building code and ratifying changes to the state building code adopted by the state building code review board [January 18,2017]
HB 101 relative to certification for solid waste operators [January 17,2017] [February 28, 2017]
HB 114 relative to minimum electric renewable portfolio standards [January 18,2017]
HB 119 making appropriations to the Department of Environmental Services for the purpose of funding eligible drinking water and wastewater projects under the state aid grant program [January 17,2017]
HB 121 relative to the maximum optional fee for transportation improvements charged by municipalities when collecting motor vehicle registration fees [February 7, 2017] [March 22, 2017]
HB 141 relative to electric renewable energy classes [February 7, 2017]
HB 173 relative to regulations restricting the use of water for outdoor usage [January 11, 2017] [April 12, 2017] [April 14, 2017]
HB 199 relative to adding all hydroelectric energy to Class IV electric renewable energy classes [January 18,2017]
HB 225 relative to repealing the electric renewable portfolio standard [February 7, 2017]
HB 258 relative to the submission and approval of subsurface sewage disposal system plans [January 18, 2017] [March 28, 2017] [April 25, 2017]
HB 267 repealing the rail transit authority [January 25, 2017]
HB 298 relative to the mechanical licensing board [February 21, 2017]
HB 317 prohibiting the public utilities commission from increasing the system benefits charge without legislative approval [January 19, 2017] [October 25, 2017]
HB 336 relative to standards for outdoor wood-fired hydronic heaters [January 19, 2017] [April 11, 2017]
HB 342 establishing a commission to study the transition of certain regulatory authority to the department of environmental services from the Environmental Protection Agency [February 14, 2017] [April 4, 2017]
HB 344 relative to access for low income ratepayers to renewable energy incentives and benefits [January 18, 2017]
HB 376 requiring construction projects that disturb sediments of estuarine waters to analyze the characteristics of the sediments and report them to the department of environmental services [January 25, 2017]
HB 380 relative to the oil discharge and disposal cleanup fund [January 24, 2017] [March 7, 2017] [April 11, 2017]
HB 393 relative to the Winnipesaukee river basin control program reserve account [February 1, 2017]
HB 401 relative to the implementation of the recommendations of grid modernization [February 8, 2017]
HB 431 establishing a commission to study long term goals and requirements for drinking water in the Seacoast area [January 24, 2017] [April 4, 2017]
HB 454 repealing on-board diagnostic and emissions tests for motor vehicles [February 8, 2017]
HB 463 regulating groundwater pollution caused by polluting emissions in the air [January 31, 2017] [February 21, 2017] [April 11, 2017] [May 2, 2017]
HB 485 relative to standards for emerging contaminants in drinking water [January 24, 2017] [February 22, 2017]
HB 486 relative to the protection of wetlands [January 25, 2017]
HB 507 establishing a committee to study the responsibility of a person who through their pollution makes drinking water non-potable [January 25, 2017] [March 28, 2017]
HB 518 relative to eliminating the cap on net metering [January 25, 2017]
HB 540 relative to funding for climate change adaptation [January 31, 2017] [March 21, 2017]
HB 546 requiring a business impact assessment as part of the rulemaking process and relative to objections to proposed agency rules under the administrative procedure act [February 7, 2017]
HB 547 relative to recycling and disposal of electronic waste [January 24, 2017]
HB 559 relative to expenditures from the Energy Efficiency Fund [January 31, 2017]
HB 563 making an appropriation for the Carroll and Strafford counties freight rail improvements project and making an appropriation for the Coos county freight rail improvements project [February 1, 2017]
HB 569 requiring the reimbursement of dedicated funds transferred for other purposes [January 31, 2017]
HB 576 increasing the amount of inspection sticker fees to be transferred to the motor vehicle air pollution abatement fund [February 8, 2017]
HB 582 relative to public bathing facilities [January 31, 2017]
HB 591 relative to suction dredging in the surface waters of the state [January 31, 2017] [March 21, 2017]
HB 592 relative to repealing New Hampshire’s regional greenhouse gas initiative [February 7, 2017]
HB 621 establishing a road usage fee and making an appropriation therefor [February 1, 2017]
HB 627 establishing the position of energy efficiency advocate and relative to expenditures from the Energy Efficiency Fund [February 1, 2017]
SB 30 defining woodland buffers and relative to such woodland buffers for the purposes of the shoreland protection act [January 11, 2017] [March 28, 2017]
SB 51 establishing a committee to review a timeline for the duration of subsidies for energy projects provided by the renewable portfolio standard [January 24, 2017]
SB 57 making appropriations to the department of environmental services for the purpose of funding eligible drinking water and wastewater projects under the state aid grant program [January 24, 2017] [April 11, 2017]
SB 73 relative to septic requirements in conversions to accessory dwellings [January 25, 2017] [April 12, 2017]
SB 100 making a general fund appropriation for continuation of the project development phase of the New Hampshire capital rail corridor project [January 31, 2017]
SB 117 management and flood resilience fund within the department of environmental services [January 31, 2017]
SB 118 relative to impervious surfaces under the shoreland water quality protection Act [January 31, 2017] [March 22, 2017]
SB 119 relative to the length of a dock on a water body [February 7, 2017]
SB 121 relative to the MS4 list of the department of environmental services [February 7, 2017]
SB 123 establishing a commission to study a carbon reduction investment program for New Hampshire [February 2,2017] [March 22, 2017]
SB 126 An Act relative to eligibility of hospitals with renewable energy projects for funds from the renewable energy fund and relative to the combustion of certain construction and demolition debris [May 2, 2017]
SB 127 relative to dissolved oxygen concentration water quality standards [February 2, 2017] [March 22, 2017]
SB 129 requiring a portion of the renewable energy fund to benefit low to moderate income residential customers and relative to electric renewable energy classes and relative to the class rate for biomass [February 14, 2017] [April 11, 2017]
SB 172 relative to dams on residential property [February 8, 2017]
SB 181 relative to the regulation of biodiesel [February 14, 2017] [March 22, 2017]
SB 201 relative to providing pamphlets containing the aSB estos regulations to persons engaging in renovation or demolition of structures [February 8, 2017]
SB 240 allowing owners of certain contaminated wells access to municipal water systems [February 15, 2017]
SB 247 preventing childhood lead poisoning from paint and water and making an appropriation to a special fund [February 21, 2017]

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