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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Legislative Activity at NHDES

Each year, the NH Department of Environmental Services tracks bills that relate to NHDES programs or that otherwise might affect the agency in the New Hampshire State Legislature.

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Current NHDES Testimony Letters - 2016

The following are letters of testimony presented by NHDES at legislative committee hearings in the current legislative session.

Bill # Title
HB 1119 relative to the maximum optional fee for transportation improvements charged by municipalities when collecting motor vehicle registration fees [January 12, 2016]
HB 1171 relative to appeals heard by the waste management council [January 13, 2016] [March 23, 2016]
HB 1245 relative to petitions for adoption of rules under the administrative procedures act and incorporation of documents by reference [March 30, 2016]
HB 1282 relative to the state building code [February 2, 2016]
HB 1298 relative to damage to private property [February 2, 2016]
HB 1299 relative to the frequency of background checks for camp employees [January 19, 2016]
HB1398 establishing a commission to study septic sludge spreading [January 19, 2016]
HB 1428 making appropriations to the department of environmental services for the purpose of funding eligible and completed drinking water and wastewater projects under the state aid grant program [April 5, 2016]
HB 1442 relative to objections to proposed agency rules under the administrative procedure act [January 28, 2016]
HB1461 relative to the definition of and criteria for protection instream flow [January 26, 2016] [April 20, 2016]
HB 1517 relative to temporary seasonal docks [January 12, 2016]
HB 1528 relative to standards for aerobic septic systems [January 19, 2016]
HB 1568 relative to prepaid road tolls for certain alternative energy vehicles [January 19, 2016]
HB 1589 prohibiting the transportation of exotic aquatic weeds [January 26, 2016] [April 6, 2016]
HB 1595 relative to the rivers management and protection program [January 26, 2016] [March 30, 2016]
HB 1602 establishing a road usage fee and making an appropriation therefor [January 19, 2016]
HB 1640 relative to the expiration of administrative rules [January 28, 2016]
HB 1649 relative to state inspection of new motor vehicles [January 12, 2016]
HB 1691 making certain changes to the renewable portfolio standard [January 26, 2016]
SB 335 transferring administration of the building code review board to the office of professional licensure and certification, and relative to appeals of decisions of the state fire marshal [January 13, 2016]
SB 359 relative to funding electric vehicle charging stations with municipal registration permits [January 12, 2016]
SB 364 establishing a committee to study the feasibility of incorporating complete streets into the 10-year transportation improvement plan [January 12, 2016]
SB 367 including state water pollution control and public water system grants proposed by the department of environmental services in the capital budget [February 10, 2016]
SB 368 making a capital appropriation for department of environmental services monitoring equipment [February 10, 2016]
SB 374 requiring the office of energy and planning to update coastal flooding trends [February 3, 2016]
SB 375 establishing the coastal marine natural resources and environment commission [February 3, 2016]
SB 440 repealing the repeal of certain fees in the shoreland protection act [January 19, 2016]
SB 452 requiring certain state agencies to conduct an audit of laws governing coastal regions to enable authorities to take appropriate actions [February 17, 2016]
SB 492 the energy efficiency fund [February 10, 2016]

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