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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

OneStop Data and Information
Subsurface e-Permitting

NHDES is proud to announce the Subsurface e-Permitting system. This web-based permitting program allows permitted designers and installers to prepare, pay for and submit individual sewage disposal system (ISDS) standard and repair-and-replacement applications entirely online. Surveyors can prepare, pay for and submit electronic subdivision applications. Installers can also request inspections electronically. Communications between NHDES and the designers, surveyors and installers are done via email and there is an option to have all correspondence to owners and other related parties emailed as well.

One Stop Data Provider

OneStop Data and Information is an online, searchable database comprised of environmental information and data compiled by NHDES programs. In addition, OneStop is where Subsurface designers and installers and NH surveyors must REGISTER to to use the Subsurface e-Permitting system.

To use the Subsurface e-Permitting system on OneStop, designers, installers and surveyors must first be registered to be a “OneStop Data Provider.” After reviewing the instructions for becoming a OneStop Data Provider, below, if you have any questions please contact the Subsurface Systems Bureau at (603) 271-3501.

Subsurface e-Permitting System Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I am already a OneStop Data Provider. How do I add the Subsurface Bureau Online Permitting features?

A: Log-in to the OneStop Data Provider, then Select “Change Profile.” Next, select “Edit,” then select “Apply” next to Subsurface Bureau Online Permitting. Lastly, click “Submit.”

Q: I lost my PIN number or Password. How can I get my pin resent to me?

A: Click on Forgot your PIN or Password? Click here or on the OneStop Data Provider Login page and enter the User Name/Email you used to register in Data Provider and follow the prompts. This only works if you remember the User Name/Email you registered with AND if you’ve logged into Subsurface e-Permitting system AT LEAST ONCE. If you don’t remember your User Name/Email or you can’t remember if you’ve logged in ONCE, try any User Name/Email that you think it might be. If you have any questions please contact the Subsurface Systems Bureau at (603) 271-3501.

Q: I’ve logged into Subsurface e-Permitting system. Now what?

A: In the left hand menu, you will see a variety of choices, including application types, links to checklists, rules and “Edit My Profile.” First, make sure you verify your work email, telephone number and address and make any changes in “Edit My Profile” in addition to in the Data Provider before you start work on an electronic application!

Q: How do I start a Subsurface e-Permitting application for a Construction Application?
A: Log into Subsurface e-Permitting system, and click “Construction Application” in the left hand menu. The built-in at each section, pop up boxes and messages will guide you through.

Q: I’m not a computer person and I’m stuck. Now what?

A: Your fellow designers, installers and surveyors can be of great help. Perhaps a relative or friend can help you with some of the “computer stuff.” Consider taking a class or visiting a local library for help.

Q: I’m a designer or surveyor, can I still submit paper applications?

A: Yes, but processing time at NHDES is greatly reduced when the Subsurface e-Permitting system is used.

Q: I’m a homeowner designing a system for my own home. Can I use the Subsurface e-Permitting system?

A: No. Homeowners submitting their own projects must file paper applications, unless they are permitted designers or licensed surveyors.

Q: I have questions about a design, who do I call?

A: As always, you can call the Reviewer of the Day at (603) 271-3501 for technical assistance.



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