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Posted: September 02, 2022


James Tilley , Supervisor of the NHDES Water Quality Certification program
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DRAFT Water Quality Certification # 2021-FERC-004 for Relicensing of the Campton Hydroelectric Project (FERC Project No. 3253)

Dear Interested Party or Stakeholder:  In accordance with NH RSA 485-A:12, III, Mad River Associates L.P. (Applicant) has filed an application with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) for a water quality certification (certification) for relicensing of Campton Hydroelectric Project on the Mad River in the Town of Campton, New Hampshire (the Activity). NHDES has reviewed the application and has prepared a draft certification which is available for public comment.

The draft certification states that based on the facts, laws, findings, and conditions in the certification, NHDES has determined that there is reasonable assurance that operation of the Activity would be conducted in a manner that would comply with New Hampshire’s surface water quality standards specified under NH RSA 485-A:8 and NH Code Admin. Rule Env-Wq 1700. Therefore, NHDES proposes to issue the certification subject to certain conditions.

Activity Description: The Applicant has applied for a license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to continue operation and maintenance of the Activity. The Applicant proposes to continue to operate the Activity as run-of-river. The Activity has a total installed generating capacity of 0.639 megawatts (MW), but the Applicant proposes to increase the generating capacity of the Project to 0.743 MW with an upgrade to one of the three turbines. The Activity consists of the following, among other components: an intake structure located approximately 60 feet upstream of the dam of the Activity that includes a 25-foot-long trashrack; a 600-foot-long; 78-inch diameter underground steel penstock; an approximately 600-foot-long bypassed reach of the Mad River; 40-foot-long, 28-foot-wide powerhouse located on the east side of the Mad River that contains a 0.167 MW Francis turbine-generator unit; two 0.236 MW submersible Flygt turbine-generator units located outside of the powerhouse; an approximately 50-foot-long, 56-foot-wide tailrace; a downstream passage for Atlantic Salmon is provided by a smolt bypass facility located on the left riverbank of the Mad River that the Applicant proposes to close because salmon are no longer expected to pass the dam of the Activity.

A copy of the Applicant’s application for certification can be downloaded from the NHDES website.

Instructions for Submitting Comments: NHDES will accept comments until 4 pm, October 3, 2022. Only written comments will be accepted. Comments may be sent by mail or email (email is preferred). Please include the activity name/certification number, your name, organization, mailing address, email address and telephone number with your submittal.  

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If you have questions about the draft certification or have difficulties accessing a copy, please contact James Tilley, Supervisor of the NHDES Water Quality Certification program at (603) 271-0699 or by email at