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DATE: May 11, 2018
CONTACTS: Donald Perrin, State Energy Manager, DAS (603) 271-7774
Tara Merrifield, State Fleet Manager, DAS (603) 271-7411
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Governor Sununu Highlights State Employee Energy Efficiency Efforts

Concord, NH – On Friday May 11, 2018, the Governor's Excellence in Energy Efficiency Awards were issued by Governor Christopher Sununu and presented by Jared Chicoine, Director of the Governor's Office of Strategic Initiatives (OSI) and Robert Scott, Commissioner of New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) at the State's 10th annual state energy conference, entitled, "Advancing Energy Opportunities: Planning for Tomorrow." The conference was hosted by the New Hampshire Adjutant General's Department and planned by NHDES, OSI and the Department of Administrative Services. This conference, which brings together state agency staff involved in energy planning and management efforts within the State's buildings and vehicle fleets, serves to celebrate the great work being done in state government to reduce fossil-fuel energy consumption, provide information on other ways to reduce energy use, and enable staff to network with their colleagues in other agencies.

In the last 13 years, the State energy management efforts saved over $32 million in building energy costs through energy conservation and efficiency measures and by switching to lower-cost fuels. Between Fiscal Year 2005 and Fiscal Year 2017, the square footage of building space used by state government has increased by 9%, while overall energy use decreased by 7%and the total fossil fuel energy use decreased by 13%. This means that the energy used per square foot of building space (i.e., the Energy Use Intensity or "EUI") fell by 14%and the fossil-fuel EUI fell by nearly 17%. The state has also been actively pursuing reductions in fuel consumption by its vehicle fleet. Since 2010, the state fleet has reduced mileage by approximately 15%, which translates to 2.25 million fewer miles. As the State's energy supply is largely derived from fossil fuels, which are sourced from outside of NH borders, the decreased fleet and building energy costs represent dollars that were retained within the state's economy and represent a monetary savings to New Hampshire's taxpayers.

On Friday, Energy Efficiency Awards were given to Stacey Herbold of NHDES; the Army National Guard Center Strafford Training Site under the Adjutant General's Department; and the New Hampshire Department of Corrections.

Individual Recognition Awardee Stacey Herbold manages NHDES' Water Conservation and Water Use Program. Herbold works with community water systems and other water users in the state to improve water efficiency and ensure water use is accurately measured and reported to the state. Herbold has organized an event at NHDES for the past two years to bring awareness to the importance of vehicle tire pressure, which has a large impact on a fuel efficiency, providing a tire check and inflation service on the NHDES campus.. In addition, Herbold recently a meeting with NHDES stakeholders and the recycling program to enable the recycling program to better understand the processing of materials at the 29 Hazen Drive building. Herbold has shown a passion in not only water conservation through her work at NHDES, but conservation and efficiency throughout many arenas.

The Outstanding Project or Initiative Award was presented to the Army National Guard's Center Strafford Training Site for its recent development of the State's first net-zero facility. Specifically, Cooper House is planned to be net-zero, which means it will produce as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. Additionally, on the campus as a whole, all heating systems will be better than 96% efficient, the extensive domestic water system will conserve vast amounts of water, and five separate solar arrays were installed on building roofs. The three 24-kilowatt solar arrays on the roofs of three barracks and two 33-kilowatt solar arrays on two training buildings are anticipated to save the Department more than $25,000 and almost 220,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually. The Center Strafford Training Site will serve as a model for future construction.

For the final award, the New Hampshire Department of Corrections was chosen as this year's Model Energy Agency award recipient for its energy efficiency work during recent improvements to its facilities. During the building of the new women's prison in Concord, energy efficiency was kept at the forefront. Electrical costs were minimized by using the latest LED technology for lighting and a 100-kilowatt solar photovoltaic system was built on the roof. For years, the department has worked with the Energy Management Office to reduce energy use when possible, including a new LED perimeter security lighting installation that not only improved visibility and security, but also saved energy. Recently a group of five staff members worked with the State's R4 Program to pull steel cans and lids from the solid waste stream in the kitchens. Approximately 25,000 pounds of steel annually were removed from the solid waste stream and now contribute to the State's recycling revenue. Although many energy projects are cost prohibitive given the secure nature of the facilities, the Department of Corrections has continued to find a way to bring energy efficiency to its facilities.

The Energy Conference began on Friday with a morning plenary session, which included a welcome from the NH Adjutant General, Brigadier General David Mikolaities, as well as the State Government Energy Committee Co-Chairs, NHDES Commissioner Robert Scott and OSI Director Jared Chicoine. Dr. Clay Mitchell, with Revolution Energy and a Lecturer in the UNH Department of Natural Resources and the Environment, gave the Plenary Keynote address in keeping with the conference theme. The conference also featured workshops on relevant topics, an energy fair where energy efficient technologies and services were displayed, and an LED lightbulb sale for attendees.

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