Start Date: April 01, 2021
Start Time: 12:00 PM
End Time: 1:00 PM
Location: Online

Audience: Consultants (Closed Landfills)

There are over 250 inactive (closed) landfills in New Hampshire that require post-closure care, including inspection, monitoring and maintenance. In recent years, NHDES has noted that post-closure reports have either not been filed or have been missing important information required by Env-Sw 800 of the Solid Waste Rules.

Staff in the Solid Waste Management Bureau invite consultants who manage inspections, monitoring, and/or reporting for closed landfills to attend a one-hour session where we will discuss post-closure inspection, monitoring, maintenance, and reporting requirements to enable you to better serve your clients by helping them maintain compliance with the Solid Waste Rules. Topics will include: landfill inspection requirements; landfill gas migration monitoring; groundwater management permits; and action item follow through.

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Tara Mae Albert
SWOT Coordinator
(603) 271-3713