Conservation, Mitigation and Restoration

Protecting our wetlands, rivers, lakes and streams, and drinking water sources.

New Hampshire’s environment is impacted by projects large and small. It is possible to preserve a balance between economic growth and the functions and values of our ecological resources through a combination of conservation of existing lands, mitigation of impacts from development and restoration of past environmental damage. Conservation: There are several NHDES programs that facilitate conservation, the strategic protection of drinking water sources, wetland values and wildlife habitat through grants, outreach and regulations. Mitigation: The NHDES Wetlands Mitigation Program works to protect, enhance and restore wetlands and streams to compensate for impacts to aquatic resources, using the funds paid into the Aquatic Resource Mitigation Fund to support projects that will compensate for the functions and values lost. Restoration: As our knowledge of our natural resources and their benefits grows, we see of areas of development that can be restored to a natural state with mutual benefit to the environment and the economy.

    Grant Opportunities

    There are a number of grant opportunities that will support local entities and property owners in protecting our resources.