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Sustainable Solutions for Craft Beverage Producers Webinar Series

Date: June 16, 2021

The first Sustainable Solutions for Craft Beverage Producers webinar featured Energy Treasure Hunts for Microbreweries. Danny Macri and Emily Bolger from ENERGY STAR gave an Overview of the Energy Treasure Hunt Process and provided insights into using the ENERGY STAR Treasure Map for Microbreweries which is an opportunity for brewers to uncover opportunities to save. Scott Lawson, Director of Brewing Operations at Lawson’s Finest, then demonstrated How to Conduct an Energy Treasure Hunt in a Brewery and showed how to maximize efforts in reducing energy costs. Energy costs can be 5-10% of cost of goods sold in breweries. As the brewing industry continues to grow, start questioning why things are the way they are and how to reduce the bottom line. Watch the Energy Treasure Hunt for Microbreweries Webinar Recording.

Next in the webinar series was Innovative Solutions: CO2 Capture Technology webinar. Alan Brinton gave an overview of the Behind-the-Scenes of CO2 Capture Technology at Grey Sail Brewing and provided insights into market drivers, the installation process, team management, and business benefits. Amy George from Earthly Labs, who provided the CO2 Capture Technology to Grey Sail, gave an overview of the CO2 Capture System. Amy described the hardware and software used to capture and monitor CO2 from small scale emissions sources like craft breweries. Watch the Innovative Solutions: CO2 Capture Technology Webinar.

The webinar series ended with How to Cultivate a Culture of Sustainability at Your Facility webinar that featured three New England breweries who shared ways to cultivate a culture of sustainability inside and outside their organizations. Nicole Carrier from Throwback Brewery, a brewery and farm in North Hampton, New Hampshire, discussed how a sustainability mindset informs all that they do, from using locally sourced ingredients, to promoting community engagement and environmental goals. Dani Babineau from Redemption Rock Brewing in Worcester, Massachusetts explained how their mission as a certified B Corporation shapes their sustainability work, as exemplified by their motto “Let’s Be Better.” Luke Truman from Allagash Brewing Company in Portland, Maine (also a certified B Corporation) shared how their efforts to use less water, promote Green Teams, and push for zero-waste are shared with other breweries. Watch the How to Cultivate a Culture of Sustainability at Your Facility.

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