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New Air Analyzer Improves Emission Detection

Date: May 06, 2021

NHDES’ Air Resources Division purchased a new flame ionization detection (FID) analyzer using EPA grant funding. This new analyzer replaces a 15-year old, obsolete FID analyzer, which is no longer being supported or maintained by the manufacturer. To ensure compliance with EPA regulations, NHDES must have an FID analyzer that can be maintained and calibrated on a regular basis to ensure the quality and accuracy of the results obtained.

The new FID analyzer, a Thermo Scientific TVA2020, is a significant upgrade from the previous unit. In addition, the TVA2020 will allow NHDES to better monitor sources that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to the ambient air; and is a valuable tool to use to determine a source’s compliance with VOC emission limits. To operate the TVA2020 accurately and effectively as a compliance tool, NHDES will be able to receive maintenance services and other support for the analyzer from the manufacturer.

The analyzer has been primarily used to monitor for landfill gas and other VOCs at facilities such as landfills, printing operations, fabric coating operations, Superfund sites, and biodiesel producers. NHDES staff members have identified numerous areas of fugitive emissions at New Hampshire landfills that would not otherwise have been identified without the aid of the analyzer. The analyzer is a critical component of NHDES’ regulation of these types of sources and is essential for reducing the exposure of the public to landfill emissions, particularly noxious odors.