Marinas and boat washing

Date: May 06, 2022

The Small Business Technical Assistance Program and the Groundwater Discharge Permitting and Registration Program, in partnership with the NH Marine Trade Association (NHMTA), are working together to update current groundwater discharge registrations at marinas and encourage marinas that have not yet registered with NHDES to do so.

“We need to build awareness and action throughout the entire marine industry to make sure we continue to be stewards of the health of New Hampshire’s lakes, ponds and waterways. We appreciate working with DES to make this happen,” stated Peter MacCallum, President of NHMTA.

Detergents are probably the most common type of pollutant associated with boat washing and detailing practices, and if discharged improperly they may cause water quality degradation. Marinas have options for managing boat washing wastewater such as discharge to sewer, holding tank, or to the ground. All options require registration with NHDES.

Visit Marinas: Managing Boat Wash Wastewater for further information.