Asset Management Heroes!

June 20, 2024

Pictured from Dover are Mike Nadeau, Tim Pine and Mushtag Biag, and from NHDES are Luis Adorno, KC Moran, Sharon Nall, Eliza Morrison and Deb Loiselle.  Not pictured from Dover are Bill Boulanger, Gretchen Young and Kathleen Meyers.

In 2019, NHDES revealed the Asset Management Award. This award will be presented annually to a community that has illustrated commitment and perseverance to move forward with asset management as the solution to creating sustainable water systems.

Award Recipient Award Year
City of Claremont 2019

Town of Salem (Municipal Award)

Tony Cavaliere from the Towns of Marlborough and Jaffrey (Individual Award)

City of Dover 2021

Attend the Asset Management Workshop on November 3, 2022 to find out the winner of the 2022 Asset Management Award!