Dredge Management Task Force

An interagency workgroup that reviews dredging projects in New Hampshire’s tidal waters.

Tidal dredging is the removal of sediments from the bottom of tidal rivers, ports, harbors and other tidal waterbodies. Tidal dredging in New Hampshire is typically focused on maintaining or increasing the depth of navigation channels, anchorages or berthing areas to ensure the safe passage of commercial and recreational vessels. Tidal dredging is also performed to reduce the exposure of fish, wildlife and people to contaminants and to prevent the spread of contaminants to other areas of the water body.

Tidal dredging in New Hampshire is overseen by the Dredge Management Task Force (DMTF). The DMTF is an interagency work group that was formed in 1993 to review dredging projects in New Hampshire's tidal waters. The DMTF provides technical and regulatory expertise to ensure that dredging projects are conducted in a manner consistent with state and federal rules and regulations. The Coastal Program currently chairs the DMTF, and meetings are generally held quarterly at the NHDES Pease field office in Portsmouth. DMFT meetings are open to the public. See below for a list of current DMTF members.

For additional information regarding tidal dredging projects in New Hampshire, including many of the projects currently under review or recently reviewed by the DMTF, please see the Pease Development Authority Division of Ports and Harbors Annual Dredge Report.

The next DMTF meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 25, 2024 at 10 AM at the NHDES Portsmouth office located at 222 International Drive, Suite 175 in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. For additional meeting information, please contact Christian Williams at (603) 559-0025 or at christian.williams@des.nh.gov.

hydraulic cutterhead pipeline dredge in Hampton-Seabrook Harbor

A diverse group of interests are represented on the DMTF 

Current DMTF members include staff from various state and federal agencies, academia, New Hampshire’s Congressional delegation, and other interested parties.  

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mechanical dredging from barge in Sagamore Creek

DMTF meeting minutes and presentations 

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mechanical dredging from a barge in the Cocheco River

Regulated by the NHDES Wetlands Bureau 

The NHDES Wetlands Bureau regulates dredging in New Hampshire’s tidal waters.

NHDES tidal dredging regulations