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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Household Hazardous Waste and Disposal Tips
  • Use alternatives to household hazardous products or use your town’s special collection.
    Take note of your town’s household hazardous waste collection day(s) for any products you need to get rid of that are considered hazardous. Better yet, use up products like paint or stain or give them away to someone else. If you wish to store them, do so in waterproof containers in a place that is protected from storm water. Whenever possible, use alternatives.

  • Keep anything you would not dump into your favorite pond, stream, bay, beach or wetland off your lawn, roof, driveway or street.
    Most catch basins flow from our neighborhoods to the nearest water body. Runoff carries anything it can pick up into the nearest storm drain and its destination water body. Sweep and pick up lawn debris and litter. Never "wash" your driveway. Contact UNH Sea Grant at (603) 749-1565 to learn about participating in a storm drain stenciling project in your town.

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