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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

In My Backyard
Have A Better Backyard!
(Created by Julia Peterson, UNH Sea Grant Extension)

What if we could have a low maintenance, beautiful yard AND protect water quality at the same time? It may be easier than you think!

According to the EPA, the "new" number one source of water pollution is nonpoint source pollution a.k.a. stormwater runoff. As rainwater lands on our roofs, streets, fields, lawns, forests, construction sites, parking lots and driveways, it picks up materials and shuttles them down the nearest gutter or catch basin and into the local wetland, river, bay or lake. The cumulative impact of runoff from many home and business landscapes is what gives this pollution source its number one position.

With a little forethought and a few changes in habits, we can reduce our contribution to water pollution and in many cases, make our home and lawn care easier! Major sources of water pollution in New Hampshire are excess nutrients, pathogens and toxic contaminants. The following tips help reduce the availability of these potential contaminants from our property.

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