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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Watershed Conference 2009
November 20-21

Conference Materials

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Friday, November 20
Session Topic Presentation File Size (KB)
Plenary Plenary The Language of Water - Why Wisdom Sits in Places 5,842
Session 1 GIS NH Stressed Basins Project – Overview and Extended Data Uses 18,372
Session 1 GIS Hydrologic Application of LIDAR Data - Case Study at the UNH Burley-Demeritt Farm 1,240
Session 1 GIS A Tool for Estimating Flood Flow Frequency on Ungaged, Unregulated, Rural Streams in NH 1,136
Session 2 GIS GIS to Google: Sharing Interactive GIS Maps Online Using Google Earth and Google Maps 3,596
Workshop GIS The Habitat Priority Planner - A GIS-Based Tool to Help Focus Financial and Community Resources on Critical Areas 1,841
Session 1 Stormwater Stormwater Management Strategies for Reduction of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Loading to Surface Waters
Session 1 Stormwater Nutrient Removal Mechanisms in a Cold Climate Gravel Wetland 2,433
Session 2 Stormwater Pervious Concrete - When it Rains, It Drains! 1,539
Workshop Stormwater Stormwater Management in New Hampshire - What Is and What Should Be 1,752
Session 1 Climate Change The EPA on Climate Change - The “State of Knowledge” and the Office of Water: “Response to Climate Change” 843
Session 1 Climate Change Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Wastewater Treatment and Biosolids Management 3,343
Session 2 Climate Change The Northeast Climate Impacts Assessments and What it Means to Public Works 4,406
Workshop Climate Change Low Impact Development Practices as a Means of Resilience and Short-Term Adaptation to Climate Change
Workshop Climate Change Stream Temperature and the Hyporheic Zone – Implications for Stream Protection and Restoration
Session 1 Water Infrastructure A River Runs Through It...Once Again 13,086
Session 2 Water Infrastructure Water Supply Aid in Central NH – An Evaluation of Water System Interconnections 464
Session 2 Water Infrastructure Wastewater Nutrient Control 2,220
Workshop Water Infrastructure Developing a Water Resources Plan for New Hampshire - An Opportunity to Participate in the Planning Process 2,970
Session 1 Watershed Management Nitrogen – The 21st Century Coastal Watershed Challenge 4,119
Session 1 Watershed Management Spatial and Temporal Variability in Nitrogen Concentrations, Export and Retention in the Lamprey River Basin 6,553
Session 2 Watershed Management Temperature Regime Characteristics of High-Quality Coldwater NH and MA Streams 3,019
Session 2 Watershed Management Identification and Assessment of NH Stream Fish Assemblages 2,639
Workshop Watershed Management Recent Improvements to the U.S. Geological Survey Stream Gaging Program 2,402
Workshop Watershed Management The Other Half of the Protected Instream Flow Pilot Program - Water Management Plans 2,225
Workshop Watershed Management Raising the Profile of Watershed Management - Contoocook and North Branch Rivers Management Plan Update 1,244
Workshop Watershed Management Shoreland Buffer Protection Analysis and Implementation along the Upper Merrimack River 1,193
Session 1 Land Use/Land Conservation Build-out Analysis and Density Transfer Credits to Manage Growth in the Bow Bog Brook Watershed 661
Session 1 Land Use/Land Conservation Recreational Trails and Water Quality - Are Recreational Trails Degrading Stream Quality? 2,923
Session 2 Land Use/Land Conservation NHDES’s Innovative Permitting and Technical Assistance Initiative: Introduction and Discussion 998
Workshop Land Use/Land Conservation Environmental Characteristics Zoning - Let’s Get Ready for Town Meeting 2010 and Beyond! 10,839
Saturday, November 21
Session Topic Presentation File Size (KB)
Session 1 GIS GIS on Pennies a Day: GIS Software Everyone Can Afford  16,182
Session 2 GIS Learning to Google Your Watershed: An Overview of Google Tools for Creating Interactive Maps 2,679
Workshop GIS Bringing GPS into Maps: Free Tools to Put Points on the Map  3,240
Session 1 Stormwater Fond of Our Lawns 2,287
Session 2 Stormwater Stormwater Management in NH - What Is and What Should Be 1,735
Workshop Stormwater Low Impact Development Applications in NH - From Retrofit Case Studies to Everything You Wanted to Know About Rain Gardens 20,921
Session 1 Climate Change LID Practices as a Means of Resilience and Short-Term Adaptation to Climate Change   
Session 2 Climate Change Climate Change Adaptation for a NH Coastal Watershed - Identifying Risk and Costs for Culvert Infrastructure 10,486
Workshop Climate Change The NH Climate Action Plan -Opportunities to Preserve and Protect Water Quality and Watersheds 2,637
Session 1 Organizational Development America’s Next Top Volunteer  
Session 2 Organizational Development Framing the Issue - How Science Leads to Watershed-Friendly Changes in the Law 1,920
Workshop Organizational Development Designing Stronger Projects & Proposals for Watershed Protection 6,767
Session 1 Watershed Management The Newfound Watershed Master Plan – Science-based Policy for Environmental Economic Sustainability 3,705
Session 1 Watershed Management Acton Wakefield Watersheds Alliance Bi-State Watershed Based Management Plan 9,107
Session 2 Watershed Management Merrimack River Watershed Wetland Restoration Strategy 1,942
Workshop Watershed Management The Active River Area - A Framework for River Conservation and Restoration  1,962
Workshop Watershed Management NH’s New River Management and Hazard Mitigation Approach - Science and Planning for Fluvial Erosion Hazards 9,137
Workshop Watershed Management Holistic Assessment and Mitigation of the Bacteria-Impaired Furnace Brook Watershed  4,220
Session 1 Land Use/Land Conservation Stream Ecosystems and their Restoration  17,385
Session 2 Land Use/Land Conservation The Use of Log Jams in Bank Stabilization Efforts in Colebrook, NH  12,302
Workshop Land Use/Land Conservation Protecting Surface Water Through Land Conservation - Why, How, and Whom to Work With 3,930



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