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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Designated Rivers

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. The Cold River Nomination
  A. Description
  B. River Value and Characteristics
    1. Natural Resources
      a. Geologic Resources
      b. Wildlife Resources
      c. Vegetation and Natural Communities
      d. Fish Resources
      e. Water Quality
      f. Natural Flow Characteristics
      g. Open Space
    2. Managed Resources
      a. Impoundments
      b. Water Withdrawals and Discharges
      c. Hydroelectric Resources
    3. Cultural Resources
      a. Historic and Archaeological Resources
      b. Community River Resources
    4. Recreational Resources
      a. Fishery
      b. Boating
      c. Other Recreation
      d. Public Access
    5. Other Resources
      a. Scenery
      b. Land Use
      c. Land Use Controls
      d. Water Quantity
      e. Riparian Interests/Flowage Rights
III. Local Support

IV. Summary and Recommendations
V. Maps

Prepared by
State of New Hampshire
Department of Environmental Services
Office of the Commissioner
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Robert W. Varney

G. Dana Bisbee
Assistant Commissioner

James M. MacCartney
Rivers Coordinator

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