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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Fee Schedule for NHDES Wetlands Permit Applications and Notifications
Effective July 1, 2007
The following table provides the fees for the Wetlands Bureau notifications and applications for projects that propose impacts to wetlands, surface waters or other jurisdictional areas under RSA 482-A.
Calculating The Appropriate Fee
If you are filing a: The fee is:
Notification of Forest Management or Timber Harvest Activities $ 25
Recreational Mineral Dredge Application $ 25 resident /$ 50 nonresident
Notification of Trail Development Activities (construction or maintenance) $ 25
Notification of Routine Roadway and Railway Maintenance Activities No charge
Seasonal Dock Notification for Lakes and Ponds No charge per RSA 482-A: 3, IV, A, as amended May 2002.
Permit By Notification $200
Minimum Impact Expedited Application $200
Minimum Impact Agriculture Application $200
Standard Dredge and Fill Application (for a minimum impact project; for example, if there is no conservation commission in town) $200
Standard Dredge and Fill Application (for minor or major impact projects that do not propose shoreline structures) $0.20 per square foot with a minimum fee of $200
Standard Dredge and Fill Application for minor or major impact projects that propose shoreline structures: $200 base fee, PLUS:
  Impacts to wetlands and other jurisdictional areas (excluding area of docks), if project is minor or major impact $0.20 per square foot
Proposed seasonal dock surface area $1 per square foot
Proposed permanent dock surface area $2 per square

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