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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Shoreland Program
Shoreland Impact Permit

To protect surface water quality by controlling soil erosion and reducing nutrient and pollutant loading through limitations on impervious surfaces and the maintenance of vegetated buffers.

Required for projects involving excavation, fill, or construction activities within 250 feet of lakes and ponds greater than 10 acres in size, rivers or streams which are fourth order or greater, rivers designated under RSA-483, and tidal waters. Exemptions exist for agricultural operations and forestry conducted in accordance with RSA 227-J:9.

Statute and Administrative Rules
RSA 483-B Comprehensive Shoreland Protection Act
Env-Wq 1400 Shoreland Protection

Shoreland Permit Application
Instructions for Completing the Shoreland Application Worksheet Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol
Shoreland More Nearly Conforming Request Microsoft Word Symbol
Request Waiver of the Minimum Standards Microsoft Word Symbol

The permit application fee is based upon square feet of area impacted by the proposed activities and is calculated as $100 plus $.10 per square foot of impacted area. Public road, access, and utility projects are exempt from fees. Fees are capped as follows:
1) For projects that qualify for permit by notification under RSA 483-B:17, X, $100 for restoration of water quality improvement projects and $250 for all other permit by notification projects.
2) For projects of 0-9,999 square feet, $750.
3) For projects of 10,000-24,999 square feet, $1,875.
4) For projects of 25,000 square feet or more, $3,750.

Processing Time
Per statute, an application without a waiver or variance is reviewed within 30 days. An application with a waiver or variance is reviewed within 75 days. Following review, the application is either permitted or a letter requesting more information is sent to the applicant who must respond within 60 days. Once the response is received from the applicant, a decision to permit or deny the project is made within 30 days.

Term is five years after the date of issuance and cannot be extended. After that time, any work not completed will require a new application.

Deviations from the approved plans may require either a permit amendment or a new application if the modification results in increased impacts.

Permits are transferable at any time during the permit term. Transfer requires a written request submitted to the Shoreland Program.

Any person aggrieved by a final decision can appeal the decision to the Wetlands Council in accordance with Env-WtC 100 & 200 Wetlands Council Rules 

Status of Current Applications
Permit Application Decision Reports
Wetland and Shoreland Permits Query

More Information
Shoreland Program

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