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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Quarterly Fees/Cleanup Fund

Established in 1981, the New Hampshire Hazardous Waste Cleanup Fund provides "for the proper, adequate and safe cleanup of sites within New Hampshire where hazardous wastes or materials have been improperly discharged, disposed of, or spilled" (NH RSA 147-B:1). In addition to spill remediation, monies from the Cleanup Fund are also used for general administration, the NH pollution prevention program and matching grant funds for household hazardous waste collection projects. This fund is supported by hazardous waste quarterly generator and facility fees, as well as fines and penalties.

Thirty days after the conclusion of each quarter, a report summarizing the hazardous waste shipments and quarterly fee payment due (if applicable) is mailed to each generator that manifested hazardous waste during that quarter. Generators who manifested less than 660 lbs. of waste are not assessed a fee. A minimum fee of $100.00 is applied to all generators who manifested 660 - 1,666 lbs. Generators manifesting greater than 1,666 lbs. are assessed $0.06 per pound. Visit our fee calculator page for assistance in calculating the fees due.

The fee is not assessed on those wastes which are noted on the manifest as being destined for recycling. Other wastes which are exempted from the quarterly fee include sludges from publicly-owned wastewater treatment works (within NH), bottom and fly ash from municipal waste incinerators and household hazardous wastes collected at household hazardous waste collection projects. The generator is to review, sign and return the report to the Division along with the appropriate payment within thirty (30) days of receipt.

Hazardous waste facilities within New Hampshire that accept out-of-state waste are also subject to a quarterly facility fee of $0.003 per pound. In the same manner as for generators, summary reports are mailed by the Division to facilities thirty days from the end of each quarter. The facility then has thirty (30) days to review, sign and return the report with the appropriate payment. (Note: Transfer facilities are not included in this definition of facility and are not assessed this fee.)

RSA 147-B:8 V Failure to pay fees within 60 days of the date due shall result in the assessment of interest at a rate established by the commissioner. The commissioner may waive all or any portion of interest for good cause. The department shall deposit interest collected under this section into the cleanup fund.

* This web page provides general information only. For a complete description of the requirements summarized above, please refer to Env-Wm 100-1000 of the New Hampshire Hazardous Waste Rules. To obtain a copy of the rules by mail, contact the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services, Public Information and Permitting Office, at (603) 271-2975.

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