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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a Hazardous Waste Manifest?
    A Hazardous Waste Manifest is a shipping document that tracks hazardous waste from the point of generation to ultimate disposal. This system is commonly referred to as the "cradle to grave" system of hazardous waste management. See our forms page for a sample manifest and the instructions to fill out a manifest.
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  • When do I need to use a manifest?
    When hazardous waste is transported.
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  • Where do I find the waste codes for the hazardous waste my company is generating?
    The waste codes will vary and certain wastes will have more than one waste code. You should consult your laboratory for guidance on testing for determining waste codes. Also, your hazardous waste transporter can assist you identifying the correct hazardous waste code for your waste. The Hazardous Waste Assistance Hotline at (603) 271-2942 is also available to help with any questions.
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  • Is my transporter responsible for filling out my manifest properly?
    No, the generator is responsible for the preparation, accuracy, and any corrections made to the manifest.
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  • What manifest copies should I receive from my transporter and facility?
    Before your waste is shipped, your transporter must sign the manifest. Once the hazardous waste manifest is signed, you will receive three copies of the hazardous waste manifest.
    1. You are required to retain one of these copies in your files for at least 3 years (New Hampshire manifest copy #8).
    2. The second copy is required to be mailed, within 5 days of shipment, to the state where the waste was generated (New Hampshire manifest copy #7).
    3. The third copy must be mailed to the state where your waste is being sent (if required). This is the state where the facility is located (New Hampshire manifest copy #6).
    Once your waste has been received at the destination facility you should receive an additional copy of your hazardous waste manifest. This manifest will have a facility signature in box 20 indicating that the waste has been received by the facilty. You are required to retain this copy in your files for at least 3 years (New Hampshire manifest copy #3).
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  • Do I need to mail in copies of my manifests to RIMS?
    Yes, if you are a New Hampshire generator, you have five days from date of shipment to mail a copy of your hazardous waste manifests to RIMS. Since the manifest form has only six copies, you will need to make a photocopy of the manifest (most legible if at all possible) and mail it to DES at:
    NH Department of Environmental Services
    Waste Management Division – RIMS
    PO BOX 3900
    Concord, NH 03302-3900
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  • What if I don't receive copies of my manifest from my transporter and/or facility within 30 days of the facility shipping the waste?
    You should contact your transporter and/or facility immediately to obtain copies. If after contacting the transporter and facility, you are still unable to obtain a copy of the manifest refer to Env-Wm 511(d) of the New Hampshire Hazardous Waste Rules.
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  • Is there a Web site that I can view the manifests, previous and current, that RIMS has for my company?
    Yes, visit the One Stop Program Web site and search by your company's EPA ID number or by company name.
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  • Where can I find the correct DOT shipping name for my hazardous waste?
    The correct shipping name is governed by the Department of Transportation, please consult the DOT shipping rules or their Web site . Generators of hazardous waste that have their waste shipped are required to comply with DOT and EPA regulations, therefore, we recommend you attend a DOT training course.
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  • What if I find that information contained in my manifest is incorrect?
    If the waste has not yet been shipped, you may change any errors on the manifest and initial the corrections. However, if the waste has left your property, you must submit a discrepancy letter to all parties involved. See Env-Wm 703.02 for further explanation.
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  • What information needs to be included in a discrepancy letter?
    You will need to include a copy of the manifest or on company letterhead a reference to the generator name, date of shipment, manifest number and the discrepancy. See Env-Wm 703.02 for further explanation.
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  • How can I convert the volume of my waste into pounds?
    Use the converter tool to help convert the amount of waste into pounds.
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