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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Frequently Asked Questions
General Questions
  • What is RIMS?
    RIMS, the Reporting and Information Management Section of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services,Waste Management Division, is responsible for tracking all hazardous waste shipped from, to or within New Hampshire. The RIMS office issues EPA Identification Numbers, collects, issues and tracks hazardous waste manifests, and collects hazardous waste cleanup fees.
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  • How can I find out my EPA Identification number?
    Visit the NHDES One Stop Program Web site and search for your EPA Identification number. You can do this by using your company name or location. If you are having difficulty finding your number contact us.

    * Note: EPA ID numbers are site specific to location.

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  • I do not have an EPA Identification Number. When do I need an ID number and how do I obtain one?
    All generators of hazardous waste in New Hampshire must have an EPA ID number. Your company should not be generating hazardous waste without an ID number. To obtain an ID number, fill out a Hazardous Waste Activity Notification Form, for permanent numbers, or call the RIMS office. Initial notifications require a non-refundable $150 fee, unless the generator is a "Political Subdivision".
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  • To whom do I pay the Initial Notification Fee?
    Checks should be made out to Treasurer, State of New Hampshire. Please ensure your check is enclosed with all initial notifications.
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  • Can the Initial Notification Fee be paid by credit card?
    Yes, if interested call (603) 271-2921.
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  • What is the mailing address for the Reporting and Information Management Section and how do I contact the office?
    NHDES Waste Management Division – RIMS
    PO Box 95
    Concord, NH 03302-0095
    (603) 271-2921
    (603) 271-2181 (fax)
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  • Can I view the locations of hazardous waste generators?
    Yes. Visit the NHDES OneStop Program Web site. Go to the Web Geographic Information System and follow the guidelines and instructions. the system will allow you to view many programs such as hazardous waste, underground storage tanks, aboveground storage tanks, etc.
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