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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services


Hazardous waste transporters represent the link between the generation of hazardous wastes by New Hampshire businesses and the proper treatment, storage, and disposal of such wastes at authorized facilities. DES regulates approximately 2,000 hazardous waste generators, which are served by approximately 150 New Hampshire-registered hazardous waste transporters. (All transporters of hazardous waste that operate within or pass through New Hampshire, including transporters of hazardous wastes destined for recycling, must be registered in this state.)

Before hazardous waste transport activities begin, a hazardous waste transporter application packet Microsoft Word Symbol must be obtained, filled out, and returned to DES annually. The registration period is from July 1 of a given year to June 30 of the following year. New Hampshire-based hazardous waste transporters also are required to notify the DES Waste Management Division and complete the notification requirements of the DES Hazardous Waste Activity Notification Form Microsoft Word Symbol prior to transporting or registering. DES, as part of the registration process, conducts a background investigation to ensure that the applicant has sufficient reliability, expertise, integrity, and competence to transport hazardous wastes within and/or through New Hampshire. Once the background check has been completed and the application is approved, DES will issue a registration confirmation letter to the applicant, who must carry a copy of this letter in each vehicle used to transport hazardous waste.

The transporter must maintain compliance with DES Administrative Rule Env-Wm 600 concerning such issues as proper vehicle identification, personnel training, contingency planning, emergency preparedness, financial responsibility, manifest management, and record keeping and reporting. A distinction should be made between the transportation of hazardous "wastes" (i.e., contaminated solids, liquids, and gases) which are regulated by DES, and hazardous "materials" (i.e., virgin chemical products or reagents intended for use in product manufacturing) which are regulated by the NH Department of Safety. Information on transporting hazardous materials can be found at or by calling (603) 271-0333.


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