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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Frequently Asked Questions
Contaminated Sites
  • There is a strong petroleum odor coming out of my kitchen faucet, is there someone who can check this out for me?
    The Initial Response (IR) team of the Oil Remediation and Compliance Bureau (ORCB) responds to oil related complaints, spills and leaking underground storage tanks. If you suspect a petroleum contamination of any kind, contact the ORCB at (603) 271-3644 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. If it is an emergency, the IR team may be contacted via the state police at (800) 346-4009.
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  • Is there a listing of all the contaminated sites in the state, and can I get a copy of it?
    The Site Remediation Programs (SRP) maintains a list of sites that either have groundwater contamination, or are regulated because they are a potential threat to groundwater (Remediation Sites). The ORCB also maintains a list of spills called the Initial Response Spill Sites and registration information for Underground and Aboveground Storage Tank Facilities. These lists may be viewed at the NHDES, SRP or Waste Management Division's home pages by clicking on the ONE STOP link or purchased through the Public Information Center (PIC at at (603) 271-2975. In addition, the NHDES maintains the Superfund (CERCLA) list; the CERCLIS site list, Solid Waste Sites and the Hazardous Waste Sites all of which are available from PIC.
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  • Can you send me all the information or part of the information in a contaminated site file?
    Because of time and staffing constraints, NHDES cannot copy and send files. The information in SRP files is available to the public through the Public Information Center. (PIC) can be reached at (603) 271-2919 or (603) 271-8808 or to set up an appointment. There are self-vending machines in the file review areas. Remember to bring change. The machines make change for dollar bills. If you are from out of state and cannot come into the office, we can provide you with the name of copy services in the Concord area that will come in and copy the file for you, or we can send you a list of Site Investigation & Remediation Consultants who perform environmental site assessments.

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