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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Rock Crusher Frequently Asked Questions
  • My company rents a rock crushing plant based on the contracted job. Who should apply for the permit-by-notification and pay the application fees: my company, which is renting and operating the equipment, or the rental company that owns the equipment?
    Either the owner or the operator may apply for a permit-by-notification and pay the application fees for the plant. The owner and operator are jointly responsible for complying with all rock crushing permitting and operating requirements, and DES leaves it up to the renter and rental company to decide which one applies for the permit and pays the application fees.
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  • Who keeps the record of aggregate volume for yearly output that is required for permit-by-notification holders if the rocking crushing plant is rented?
    The permit-by-notification holder is required to maintain records on the total volume of aggregate materials processed on an annual basis. The permit holder can provide the aggregate volume to the rental company, but it is not required.
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  • Who is required to notify the town if renting a rock crushing plant?
    The owner and operator are both responsible for compliance with all requirements. It is up to the owner (rental company) and operator (renter) to decide which one will notify the town.
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  • My portable rock crushing plant has a permit-by-notification, however another job came up and we will split the portable plant at two different sites. Does the original permit-by-notification cover both sites?
    An owner or operator will need to obtain a permit for each plant if they will be operating at different locations at the same time. A company with one plant will only need one permit. A company with multiple plants operating at multiple locations will need a permit for each plant at each location if operating at the same time. For example, an owner with three permits is allowed to operate simultaneously at three different locations. The owner may mix and match equipment among the permits as needed. Remember to submit a "Location Change Notice" to DES when the plant is moved.
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  • What is opacity testing?
    Opacity is a measurement of how much light is obscured by the rising dust. Opacity is measured in percentages and is performed by a certified technician using visible observation. Crushing activity operating at a "20 percent opacity" level means that the dust, soot and smoke levels are blocking 20 percent of the background.
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  • Who can test opacity of the plant?
    Any person who is certified to perform USEPA Method 9 opacity tests can test the opacity of the plant.

    DES maintains a list of stack testing companies and consultants. Adobe Acrobat Reader Symbol (The inclusion of any company on this list shall not be considered endorsement of the company or its quality of work by DES.)

    Rock crusher owners and operators can also become certified to test their own plant. DES usually offers two training programs, spring and fall. Watch the DES calendar of events for training opportunities.

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  • As a portable rock crushing plant, we may have a job in New Hampshire and then take another job in Massachusetts. Do we need to notify DES when the portable crushing plant has moved out of state?
    Yes. Within 10 days after a portable plant covered by a permit-by-notification is moved to a different location, the owner or operator must submit to DES a location notice. The Env-A 2806.03 does not specify if the location is in New Hampshire or in another state.

    Move notifications are only required when the plant moves in to, out of, or within New Hampshire. Notifications are not required if the plant moves within another state.

    Please note that other states may have their own permitting/registration requirements for rock crushers. The New Hampshire Permit-by-Notification does not provide authorization to operate the equipment anywhere except within New Hampshire.

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