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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Types of Reports
Report Type Submittal Frequency and/or Deadline for Receipt by DES
Emission and Usage Statements/Reports
Annual Emissions Statements/Reports Annually, by April 15
Required reports are listed in the reporting section of the permit and depend on the complexity of the source. Some are due quarterly, some semi-annually, and some annually.
Annual NOx Statement/Report
Annual VOC Statement/Report
Fuel Usage Report
Material Usage Report
Ammonia Usage Report
Title V Reports
Title V Annual Compliance Certification Microsoft Word Symbol Annually, by April 15 of the following calendar year
Title V Semi-Annual Permit Deviation and Monitoring Report Microsoft Word Symbol By July 31 and January 31 following the semi-annual period
CEM Reports (Continuous Emissions Monitoring)
Quarterly CEM (Excess) Emission Report

30 days after end of calendar quarter.

Quarterly CEM Cylinder Gas Audit
Quarterly Part 75 Linearity Audit
Quarterly CEM Opacity Audit
Flow Monitor Transducer Check
Quarterly CEM Relative Accuracy Audit
CEM QA/QC Plan Review Annually
Annual Opacity 7-Day Drift Test Annually
Annual Part 60 CEM RATA

45 days after completion of the RATA

Annual/Semi-annual Part 75 CEM RATA
Stack Test Reports (One Time or Periodic Testing)
Pre-test protocol for Compliance Stack Test 30 days prior to test
Compliance Stack Test Report 60 days after completion of the test
Permit Deviation Reports
Permit Deviation with Excess Emissions – non-Title V permitted sources Initial notification w/in 24 hours of discovery.
Permit Deviation with Excess Emissions – Title V sources Initial notification w/in 24 hours of discovery and a detailed written report w/in 10 days of discovery.
Permit Deviation with no Excess Emissions – Title V sources If the PD has continued for more than 9 consecutive days, notification to DES on the 10th day.
Federally Required Reports
Sources subject to federal requirements such as a New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) in 40 CFR 60 or to a Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standard specified in 40 CFR 63 frequently have to comply with reporting requirements specified by that federal rule. This can be the requirement to submit an initial, one-time only report, or to submit periodic reports on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. The specific reporting requirements of the particular NSPS or MACT standard to which the source is subject are referenced and described in its permit.
Other Reports

This list includes the most commonly required reports. However, there are many other reports not included in this list that a source may be required to submit to DES. The source must review the reporting requirements listed in its permit to determine the specific reports it is required to submit and the respective deadlines for receipt by DES.


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