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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Used Oil Burning for Energy Recovery

NHDES has conducted a study of typical recycled oil burner emissions in order to simplify the compliance determination process.The study examined RTAP emissions from typical recycled oil burners using a variety of recycled oil characteristics, fuel use rates, and installation configurations. The results of this study show that recycled oil burners are in compliance with the provisions of Air Toxic Rule Env-A 1400 provided they meet all of the following criteria.

  • Unit is rated at 500,000 BTUs/hour or less heat input.
  • Unit is rated at 3.6 gallons/hour or less of fuel use.
  • Unit burns 8,640 gallons or less per year of used oil.
  • Exhaust stack is 8 inches or less in diameter.
  • Exhaust stack outlet is 20 feet or more above the ground.
  • The exhaust stack is vertical.
  • The unit is operated and maintained in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.

If your facility operates a recycled oil burner meeting all of the above criteria, NHDES has determined that its emissions are in compliance with Env-A 1400 and the unit does not require a permit. However, records such as annual fuel use, number of days of operations, and maintenance records must be kept on-site to document that the above criteria are being met. Owners/operators of recycled oil burners that do not meet all of the criteria listed above should contact NHDES and conduct a source specific compliance determination as soon as possible in order to verify the compliance status of the installation.

All used oil burners, regardless of their compliance status with the NH Air Toxics Control Program, are required to submit a Notification Form to theDES Waste Management Division, (603) 271-2921. For more information also go to Reporting and Information Management Section.

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