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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Mercury in Household Products

The following table provides a description of mercury containing products that you may have in your home. Some of these products, such as mercurochrome, are no longer available.

Consumer Product Description Mercury-Free Alternative
Thermometers Silver colored liquid in glass tube Alcohol or digital thermometer
Thermostats All non-electric models Electronic models
Fluorescent Lights Light bulbs in the form of long or curved tubes None, take to HHW collection
Button Batteries Button shaped batteries usually found in watches, calculators, toys, greeting cards, musical books, hearing aids and pagers. None, take to HHW collection
Alkaline and Carbon Batteries Prior to 1994 and foreign manufactured Rechargeable or alkaline batteries manufactured after Jan 1, 1996.
Latex Paints Prior to 1991 Prior to 1991, take to HHW collection.
Shoes that Light Up Prior to 1994 Shoes that do not light up. Shoes with lights may contain a button battery that contains mercury.
Pilot Light Sensors Some gas appliances such as stoves, ovens, clothes dryers, water heaters, furnaces and space heaters Mechanical or pressure switches
Electrical Switches and Relays Some chest freezers, pre-1972 washing machines, sump pumps, electric space heaters, clothes irons, silent light switches and automatic car hood and trunk lights Mechanical or pressure switches
Contact Lens Solution May contain Thimerosal or other mercury compounds Mercury-free solutions
Nasal Spray May contain Thimerosal/phenylmercuric acetate Mercury-free solutions
Mercurochrome An old time antiseptic for cuts and scrapes New antiseptics do not contain mercury
High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps Blue tinted automotive headlamps Mercury-free HID
Neon Lamps Except the colors red, orange and pink Mercury-free neon colored lamps
Gauges Barometers, manometers, blood pressure and vacuum gauges only with silver colored liquid Mercury-free gauges

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