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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

Mercury Facts for Manufacturers

Legislation passed in June 2000 (Section 278; RSA 149-M:51 through 149-M:57) regulates the sale, distribution and use of mercury-added products in New Hampshire. To reduce exposure to mercury and help further efforts to eliminate mercury and mercury-added products from the solid waste stream, this law prohibits the sale of certain mercury-added products and product categories and requires manufacturers to notify the state about the mercury-added products they produce.  In addition, users of elemental mercury are required to sign a certification that they will use and manage mercury appropriately.

Notification and Sales Restrictions / Prohibitions
New Hampshire is a member of the multi-state Interstate Mercury Education & Reduction Clearinghouse (IMERC).  IMERC serves as a single point of contact for manufacturers that produce or sell products with intentionally-added mercury, and provides information and assistance on complying with state laws regarding notification and sales prohibitions.  To access notification forms and other information please go to

As of January 1, 2001, anyone selling or distributing elemental mercury in New Hampshire must have an official representative from the receiving organization sign a statement certifying that the recipient:

  1. Will use the mercury only for medical, dental, research or manufacturing purposes;
  2. Understands that mercury is toxic and will store and use it appropriately so that no person is exposed to the mercury; and,
  3. Will not place or allow anyone under their control to place the mercury or cause the mercury to be placed in solid waste for disposal or in a wastewater disposal system.

Send the certification by mail or email to:

NHDES Pollution Prevention Program
29 Hazen Drive; PO Box 95
Concord, NH 03302-0095
(603) 271-6460

Mercury Disposal/Recycling Options
Mercury-added products can be recycled by an approved vendor under the Universal Waste Rule. "Universal Wastes" are wastes that meet the definition of hazardous waste in the NH Hazardous Waste Rules, but which, during accumulation and transport, pose a relatively low risk compared to other hazardous wastes. As a Universal Waste, mercury-added products are exempt from most Hazardous Waste Rule requirements. NHDES has determined that the following wastes meet the universal waste criteria: used antifreeze, mercury-containing lamps and devices, certain types of hazardous waste batteries, certain recalled or suspended hazardous waste pesticides and cathode ray tubes. For more information, please contact the New Hampshire Pollution Prevention Program at (603) 271-6460 or, or contact the Hazardous Waste Compliance Section at (603) 271-2942.

Additional Info
For more information about reducing mercury products and waste, contact the Interstate Mercury Education & Reduction Clearinghouse at: or the New Hampshire Pollution Prevention Program at

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