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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

NHDES Environmental Leadership Initiative
Green Leader Program
Green Leaders Outreach Guidance

Companies that engage actively with their local communities through good citizenship build financial value and promote their own company values, including social, economic, and environmental goals. Green Leaders facilities, as leaders in their communities, are already familiar with leading practices in community engagement. EPA expects facilities to have a public outreach program as a prerequisite for program.

The organizations listed below are a sampling of the resources available for Green Leaders companies that would like to learn more about innovative reporting and outreach practices. The last section provides web links to various facilities and companies around the country that have provided information about their community engagement practices on their websites.

Disclaimer: The NH Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) provides this information as a free and open service to the public. NHDES does not endorse any company or product identified on this or any subsequent pages listed herein, and makes no claims regarding the accuracy, validity, or effectiveness of this or any other product or service represented by these data.

If you would like to suggest additional resources to feature on this page, please email a description of the resource and the URL to

Business Organizations

  • NH Businesses for Social Responsibility
    NH Businesses for Social Responsibility’s mission is to build and support a network of businesses committed to adopting socially responsible business practices, recognizing that people, principles and profits are inseparably linked.
  • Business for Social Responsibility
  • Community Investment Services Founded in 1992 Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) includes member companies have about $2 trillion in combined annual revenues and employ more than six million workers around the world. BSR's Community Investment Services provide companies with policy and practice assessments, strategy development, standards analysis, benchmarking company best practices, stakeholder engagement, staff training, and research and reports on specific issues. BSR also provides background papers on community investment issues on their website (above). Their annual conferences provide sessions on current best practices for community engagement.
  • Center for Corporate Citizenship
  • US Chamber of Commerce.
    The Center for Corporate Citizenship is a business service organization of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. It exists to enable and facilitate corporate civic and humanitarian initiatives particularly in terms of civic engagement, economic development, economic security, and disaster management/ economic recovery.

Business Policy Organizations

  • Facility Reporting Project
  • CERES Principles
    Founded in 1989, CERES is a coalition of environmental, labor, and advocacy
    organizations working together for a sustainable future. More than 80 companies have endorsed the CERES Principles, a ten-point code of environmental conduct. CERES is a common ground where companies and coalition organizations work together to find concrete solutions to today's environmental challenges. In 2002, CERES started its Facility Reporting Project (website above. NH Ball Bearings in both Laconia and Peterborough have participated) to develop a common platform for reporting information on facility-level business performance.


  • Center for Corporate Citizenship
  • Boston College
    The Center for Corporate Citizenship, started in 1985, provides leadership in establishing corporate citizenship as an essential business practice, so that all companies are providing economic and social benefits to their communities. The Center provides executive managers with training for community engagement, and convenes an annual conference on community engagement, as well as other workshops and regional meetings. The Center has more than 300 corporate members.
  • Roberts Environmental Center
  • Claremont McKenna College
    The Roberts Environmental Center analyzes corporate sustainability and environmental performance reports using the Pacific Sustainability Index, and publishes the results on its website. The school's methods and ongoing results are presented on the site in graphical form, in published sector reports, technical papers, and a book. The site also provides a self-scoring sheet to evaluate any company's environmental and social reporting.


  • provides information, resources, and learning opportunities to help companies of all sizes and sectors integrate environmental responsibility into their operations in a manner that combines ecological sustainability with profitable business practices.
  • promotes corporate responsibility and sustainability with four core services: distributing corporate press releases, providing links to corporate reports, promoting events, and providing resources on corporate responsibility and best practices. Many of the corporate press releases describe business activities with local communities.

Corporate Foundations

  • Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy
    The Committee to Encourage Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) promotes corporate philanthropy by advocating funding and providing services to facilitate strategic philanthropy. Its website provides information on total corporate philanthropy in the United States. CECP created a project to measure community engagement. CECP has over 135 member corporations.

Examples of US Corporate Public Outreach Efforts

All of the links below relate to efforts of members of EPA’s former Performance Track program.

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