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New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

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The first tier of NHDES’s Environmental Leadership initiative, the Aspiring Leaders Program!

Much has been accomplished environmentally, but more remains to be done. NHDES is joining those who are searching for new ways to accomplish more.

Since the major US environmental laws and regulations were established roughly 35 years ago, compliance has been the main goal. NHDES recognizes that compliance represents only the acceptable minimum behavior, and is not necessarily sufficient to fulfill its mission to "help sustain a high quality of life for all citizens by protecting and restoring the environment and public health in New Hampshire."

Companies in the USA and around the world are going beyond compliance to move toward sustainability, and NHDES wants to do more to encourage this trend. These are profitable companies with growing market share. They are attractive to prospective employees and the communities they work in. Your company can do this too!
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Performance in any field can be better or worse. In environmental terms, "compliance" represents the minimum standard of performance and behavior that has been set by public processes. However, in many ways these minimums are not sufficient – in what other part of our lives do we accept the minimum?

Clearly, performance beyond that minimum is desirable, if not necessary. A growing number of individuals and organizations are already doing this. If we cannot force the rest to go beyond the minimum, how can we otherwise achieve this?

The New Hampshire Environmental Leadership Initiative exists to find ways to move people up the steps to sustainability, and to help them carry out those steps.

NHDES understands that there will always be organizations whose performance is on the lower steps of the environmental performance stair. For them, NHDES will use our traditional compliance and enforcement tools to help them move up to the required minimums. The Environmental Leadership Initiative represents an effort to find new tools to address new problems and achieve greater performance.

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