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DATE: October 27, 2011
Melissa Zych, 603 271-0878

Governor Presents Business Awards for Pollution Prevention Efforts

Concord, NH – New Hampshire Governor, John Lynch and DES Commissioner, Tom Burack today presented Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc. of Bennington with the 2011 Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention. Southeastern Container, Inc. of Hudson was presented with the 2011 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Pollution Prevention for the company’s “lifetime achievements”. The awards were presented today to both companies at the Executive Council Chambers in Concord.

“Our environment is part of what makes New Hampshire such a great place to work and love, and it helps to foster our high quality of life. It is also a vital economic asset to our state. That is why we must do all we can to protect our environment and natural resources,” Gov. John Lynch said. “Southeastern Container and Monadnock Paper Mills have really been tremendous examples of waste reduction, and are role models for other businesses here in New Hampshire to follow.”

Monadnock Paper Mills has manufactured premium, high performance papers since 1819. The company has been awarded for their pollution prevention (P2) efforts in the past and continued to further its Pollution Prevention efforts in 2011 by implementing five new projects:

  • Established a water conservation team that focused on 2 projects to reduce their annual water use by 10 million gallons.
  • Improved boiler efficiency to reduce oil use by 77,500 gallons of oil per year.
  • Saved $8,000 annually by redesigning the storage system for short paper fiber which is a by-product of the papermaking process. Motors and hoists were eliminated, saving 6,200 kWh and the number of trucks needed to haul short paper fiber to be reclaimed was reduced by 30 percent.
  • In 2010, Monadnock Paper, after installing a sludge sled, removed over 50,000 dry pounds of materials from the wastewater lagoons that were previously sent to a landfill, mixed it with the short paper fiber and sent it to be added to sand and compost to create manufactured topsoil. The short paper fiber waste is also used for animal bedding and to build organic matter in agricultural soils.

Monadnock is continually seeking ways to reduce wastes and finding beneficial and creative ways to reuse the wastes it does generate. For its efforts, Monadnock has been awarded the 2011 Governor’s Award for Pollution Prevention.

Southeastern Container (SEC) in Hudson has earned the prestigious 2011 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Pollution Prevention for the company’s “lifetime achievements.”  SEC in Hudson is a manufacturer of plastic containers for the Coca-Cola bottling system and has embraced pollution prevention strategies throughout its operations. For 2011, SEC has continued its energy reduction efforts through:

  • LED lighting retrofits.
  • Installation of a variable speed compressor.
  • Installation of a Water Chiller System built by a company in Portsmouth.

These installations show a reduction of 754,608 kWh and $95,202 annually.

SEC has consistently reduced the amount of plastic in its bottles and packaging and for 2011 has incorporated the use of Coca Cola’s “Plant Bottle” resin made from a biologically renewable resource, sugar cane ethanol.

Southeastern Container has been awarded for its pollution prevention efforts five years in a row. In those five years the company has reduced:

  • Raw material consumption by 2.8 million pounds
  • Energy use by 7.8 million kWh
  • Water use by 459,000 gallons
  • Solid waste by 290,000 pounds
  • CO2 emissions by 12,000 tons

All of these reductions have not only contributed to a cleaner environment for New Hampshire, they also saved Southeastern Container over $4.4 million. Excellence in pollution prevention is measured in many ways, but one of the things that sets this company apart is its efforts to encourage other SEC facilities to implement waste reduction strategies. In 2010, with the assistance and encouragement of the Hudson facility, SEC facilities in Virginia and Illinois were chosen to win environmental awards in their respective states.

Contact the New Hampshire Pollution Prevention Program at 603-271-0878 or to see how your company can benefit from implementing pollution prevention strategies or visit the NHPPP’s website at for more information on pollution prevention activities and programs.

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