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DATE: July 7, 2010
Derek Bennett, (603) 271-6685

DES Encourages Homeowners to Conserve Water

Concord, NH – The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services is reminding NH residents on the need to conserve water resources. Although New Hampshire is not formally under a drought declaration at this time, the lower than average precipitation in April and May coupled with the current heat spell is reason enough to consider our water use and identify opportunities for conservation and water use efficiency. Although water conservation is something that needs to be practiced year-round, it can be especially important as a proactive measure during dryer than normal conditions.

“One of the easiest steps a homeowner can take is to reduce the amount of water used outdoors” said Derek Bennett, Manager of the Water Use and Conservation program. “Discretionary uses, like lawn irrigation can account for the majority of a homes total use during the summer months.” Lawn irrigation often leads to restrictions as water systems confront increasing water demand in the face of limited supply. “Adhering to water use restrictions is important” said Bennett. “Water systems implement restrictions to avoid larger problems down the road, and full cooperation by the water system connections is needed to be successful.”

Even without restrictions in place, reducing the amount of water used on landscapes makes sense, both environmentally and financially. Reducing lawn size, ensuring adequate topsoil, and choosing drought tolerant grass mixes are good first steps. If irrigation is needed to supplement rainfall, the typical lawn requires less than an inch of water per week (irrigation and rainfall combined).

DES has prepared a series of guidance documents that assist homeowners with reducing water use both inside and outside of the home. Please visit: for a complete list of water efficiency fact sheets.

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